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Fans Forum
22nd February 2005


Hi there Folks


Starting during the next close season, the Fans Forum will be publishing a set of dates for four open meetings during the course of the season where supporters will have an open invitation to come along and put their points of view forward to the Fans Forum.

I acknowledge the fact that not everyone is able to commit to volunteering for a place on the Forum, but that doesn't mean that those persons should be denied access to the Forum or miss out on the opportunity of having their say, simply because they are unable to become a member of the Forum.

Accessibility and Accountability are two very important aspects of the Forum. That is why we are introducing these regular open meetings. We are there to represent the fans, but we also need your support to improve that representation.

For far too long many supporters have considered the Fans Forum to be a 'closed shop' or some sort of elite group. You now have the opportunity to find out for yourself that those two allegations are far from the truth.

I think this move towards open meetings is a positive step in the right direction.

What are your thoughts? would you attend any of these meetings?

Or contact Terry Hughes on 07841120449  or e-mail me on