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Visiting Stoke 

Stoke Road Map

Without doubt it's true to say that Stoke City do have 'a certain element' amongst our support - what shouldn't be forgotten however is that despite their numbers they are still in the minority and the vast majority of Stoke fans and indeed Potteries people in general are warm and welcoming to visitors - believe me as an 'outsider' myself I know.

Stoke's ground unfortunately doesn't lend itself to an 'old fashioned' away day - built on the site of a former massive colliery that slowly but surely is being turned into a modern style industrial and residential housing estate, the site however currently lacks the traditional facilities that surrounded the old Vic.

Opportunities for a pint close to the ground for visiting supporters ( and indeed for home fans )  are unfortunately limited -

The Harvester 'pub' which also serves meals and the nearby Power League are often recommended as the best choices, for me they're not 'real 'pubs or bars and to be honest I feel if they're your choice for a pre match pint you'd be just as well getting a beer from inside the ground.

Having said that they do provide a chance to mix with Stoke supporters in usually safe surroundings, whilst still having something of a matchday atmosphere - though by their nature the atmosphere isn't one of a back street pub.

Stoke town centre is not recommended for visiting supporters - especially groups of lads.

By Train

If you've travelled by train and looking for a pint the best two options are probably the Roebuck and the Fawn & Firkin pub, turn right out the station and you'll see them at the cross roads before you go under the railway bridge to your right, to get to the ground after a beer or two ,taxis are available at the station or get them to come to the pub.

A bus service ( no singles ) does exist and departs from outside St Peters Church, Stoke town centre less than 10 minutes walk from the station.

Come out of the station, turn right to the traffic lights, then right under the railway bridge and carry on over the A500 Dual Carriageway, follow the road round to the left , St Peters Church is 200 yards on the left.

However, wandering around looking for a pub in Stoke town centre is not recommended for away fans. And it should be noted the buses to the ground depart from opposite one of Stoke's known pubs, with others in close proximity.

Without doubt there remains both individually and collectively elements that see Stoke centre as their own and once under the railway bridge it's difficult to think of a town centre pub I'd be happy to recommend to a visiting supporter who wasn't in the company of a Stoke supporter.

Invariably whilst one or two visitors might drink  safely and be welcomed, inevitably what starts as a recommendation for one or two can lead to large groups of visiting supporters turning up with a totally different outcome.

That's not a challenge to visiting supporters or a judgement of those Stoke supports that drink in town - I did so myself for years when the club was based at the Vic, and still do so still from time to time - it's just telling it as it is ....

If Stoke town centre is on the top of your list perhaps you should ask yourself why - as a visitor to Stoke-On-Trent there are better and safer places to drink.

If you're a Stokie then it's a totally different matter, despite the move to the Britt the atmosphere in Stoke town centre can still on occasions be a top day out and part of what being Stoke is all about.

Of course each day and game is different.

By Car

For those travelling by Car see the map below

Parking around the ground is limited - though spaces are now appearing as the site develops.

The Club have a large car park ( South Car Park on the Map ) but you'll pay for the privilege and tickets need to be bought in advance, it's floodlight and considered safe, though visitors should note lengthy delays are often experienced exiting the area after the game.

Many Stoke supporters choose to park in the area around the Michelin site, where street parking can be found ( taking extreme care to avoid resident only parking areas/streets ).

The Gardener's Retreat pub is to be found in this area , as is the nearby Plough, both are usually ok for limited numbers of away supporters and the Gardeners is children friendly.

A string of coaches/minibuses run from the Gardner's to the ground priced 1, the last one leaves about 20 minutes before kick-off , walking from this area to the ground takes about 15-20 minutes ,just follow the crocodile of supporters - the walk to and from this area is usually considered safe for individual away supporters.

Those travelling from the north and using the M6 junction 16 / A500 route should be aware of MAJOR roadwork's on the A500 as you approach Stoke and may find using junction 15 easier, it'll add about 4 miles to your journey.

Map of area around Britannia Stadium

Stoke Pubs