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Minutes of Fans Forum and Stoke City
 2nd July 2007


Forum Members Present:
T. Hughes (Forum Chairman)
B. Shaw (Official Supporters Chairman)
T. Tams (O.S.C),
P. Barker (SCWIM),
M. Fry (SCWIM ),
J Zuk (Southern Supporters ).


Stoke City :
Tony Scholes
John Alcock
Della Birchall


M. Twist


M. Clarke ( Manchester + NW Supporters ),
A. Harrison ( Potters Trust )



Matters Arising From Previous Meetings


Disabled Parking
Various issues about the disabled car parking and how the present system of provision and safety/restricted access signage seemed to be disregarded by motorists.

John Alcock reported that all the car park stewards had been made aware of potential problems and it's hoped that match day misuse of  parking by supporters will be properly dealt with as and when it occurs.


Mini-Season ticket for start of the season: 
Stoke City Customer services Manager Mr.Chris Gater is dealing with this suggestion from the Forum.


Match day entrance charges:
 To date, no definite price structure has been established, Forum members asked to be notified as soon as the new prices had been decided.


Agenda items


Away Day scheme:

It was decided that the whole scheme should have a realistic and closely monitored review regarding the relaxation of the scheme.

In order to move forward with the anticipated changes in the system for the coming season, it would require the Clubs in the Championship and the respective Constabularies to agree to any changes that were considered reasonable options to relax the scheme.

That process of communication with the Clubs will go ahead. The responses will be discussed at the next Meeting of Stoke City and the Fans Forum, which takes place on Tuesday 7th of August at the Tollgate hotel.


Stoke Open Day: 
Plans for the day are now being finalised, the press release date to announce the date has yet to be confirmed.

The local Alzheimer's Association and 'Football in the Community' are the two chosen beneficiaries for any funds raised on the day.


Stoke Open Night:
held in June was considered by everyone as a success and a very professionally organised event, with the aim to increase corporate sponsorship and awareness within the local business community.


Smoking ban:
Tony Scholes handed out a list which identified the response that other clubs in the Championship were adopting as a consequence of the enforcement of the ban on smoking for next season.

Nineteen Clubs were adopting a strict ban without the facility of 'pass outs' or provision for supporters that wanted to smoke either during a game or in the half time interval.

Of the three that weren't in that list, one was holding a referendum with supporters, Derby were adopting the policy that was in place last season and Coventry were offering provision for home supporters but not away supporters.

Following a very lengthy discussion on the matter it was mutually decided that Stoke would adopt the policy that the majority of the Championship Clubs had indicated that they would adopt.


Supporter Welfare/ Appeal items:
Three specific cases were fully discussed and all three parties are to be advised of the outcome by Terry Hughes.    


Any Other Business: 
In the absence of Andy Harrison from the Supporters Trust, Terry Hughes presented Tony Scholes with a comprehensive list of questions that enquired about the purchase of the Britannia Stadium and the implications that such a purchase would have on the Club, now and in the future and also expressing many concerns that supporters would genuinely wish to have absolute reassurances on some of the issues that the purchase would evoke.


Given that there are several crucial examples of how easily things can go 'pear shaped' for both Club and supporters.


Tony took away the list and promised to respond at the August meeting.


Limited Edition Shirt:
Following the huge success of the competition the club was asked if this could be a regular feature of pre-season events to further involve the Club with 'positive' public relations (which clearly this initiative has been) and also if the shirts could be manufactured for general sale in the Club shop.

Della Birchall explained that the success of the shirt design competition had taken the Club a little bit by surprise, and the Club are now working hard to consolidate the success of the venture, thanks to the overwhelming public support it has generated.


Date of next meeting:
13th August 12 Noon at the Britannia Stadium