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Since the formation of the Stoke City Fans Forum some five years ago, we have probably gone through more changes than the Club itself.

Those changes have been motivated by our increasing awareness that Stoke Supporters deserve to be represented by a team of volunteers that are prepared to champion their cause with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism possible.

We now have that team assembled, and we are now fully able and ready to represent our fellow supporters on all aspects of what we refer to as the


In itself, that concept has many wide and varied issues, which as a supporter you may be well aware of, but feel unable to improve or influence. That is definitely not the situation!

We are working hard on your behalf, but we need your support and contribution so that your opinions and comments can be discussed and responded to.

Please take this message to be your own PERSONAL invitation to contribute YOUR POINTS OF VIEW TO THE FORUM!

Contact me Terry Hughes on 01952 414831 or email me