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League Board Calls For Clubs To Amend Sporting Sanctions Rule


The Football League Board of Directors is to ask clubs to amend The League's 'Sporting Sanctions' regulations at their Annual General Meeting in June.

The Board is seeking to close the existing loophole that enables clubs going into administration, once effectively relegated, to avoid any negative effect from the ten point deduction imposed by The League.

Clubs will be asked to introduce a new cut-off date (to be agreed following further discussions with clubs). The 'Sporting Sanction' for clubs going into administration after this date will be deferred until the following season in cases where the club is subsequently relegated.

Football League Chairman Lord Mawhinney said: "The League Board has made the right decision. The original intention of 'Sporting Sanctions' was that clubs should suffer a penalty by going into administration, as a spur to better financial management.

"None of our clubs have done anything wrong but we need to take steps to make these sanctions meaningful."