At their Annual General Meeting in the Algarve, Football League club Chairmen have voted unanimously in favour of a proposal by The League Board to amend The League's 'Sporting Sanctions' regulations.

This move closes the existing loophole that enables clubs going into administration, once effectively relegated, to avoid any negative effect from the ten point deduction imposed by The League.

The new amendment introduces a cut-off date of the fourth Thursday in March. Any club going into administration after this point will have its ten point deduction withheld until it is known whether the Sporting Sanction will have a material effect.

If the club is ultimately relegated, regardless of the ten point deduction, then the sporting sanction will occur in the following season, with the club beginning the new campaign on minus ten points. However, if the club is not relegated it will suffer the points deduction in the current season (though this could still subsequently relegate it).

In welcoming this decision Football League Chairman Lord Mawhinney said: "I am delighted that clubs have backed their Board so strongly on this issue.

"The changes we have made today enable The League's Sporting Sanctions regulations to remain true to their original aim. Clubs should suffer a sporting penalty as a consequence of going into administration, as this acts as a spur to better financial management."